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I've always hated my very thin top lip (and creases above it, despite never being a smoker) but last year - after seeing myself on endless Zoom screens I became obsessed with the fact that the crease between both eyebrows was akin to a butt crack with full-on butt cheeks either side of it.

I had some regular work at the time so splurged to have some filler put in. It was $300-350 a pop from memory. I did it twice but then was unemployed and freelancing so haven't done it since.

I'm not a fan of the large lips or lifeless shiny foreheads, or those whose faces have changed beyond recognition but certainly understand the fact that sometimes short-cuts to (perceived) self-improvements can be alluring. (Particularly when most involve things like 'dieting and exercise'.)

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I saw your oven light instagram post just now and the first thing I thought of was this piece…

I’m almost certain “..your lips are too small for your face…” was the last thing Meg Ryan heard before her career imploded…

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